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Game Rules

Defining terms:
    • Multi:
      An account that shares the same IP with the original account and interacts in any way (except for mails) with the main account, and is created for the use of one player.

    • Inactive Account:
      Any account that has been away for more than 3 days (the time necessary to get to be red). The only exception is when an account is seated by another player (according to the rules below), when the player is considered inactive after 14 days from his last logout.

    • Push Account:
      1. Any account used for pushing (see below in Push account / Push activity).
      2. Any inactive account used by (another) player(s) with the clear purpose of pushing.

    • Robotical Behavior:
      Any use of auto-refreshers, auto-bankers, scripts (even if they are integrated by default into a browser).

    • Cheater:
      Anyone who tries to: take advantage of a bug or glitch found in the game, use one or several multies, use inactive accounts, using the game in any other way that it has been designed for personal advantage over other players of Legend Arena.

    • Gray Areas:
      Gray areas are the areas that were not comprised into the set of rules, but can look suspicious in the logs.

    • Loophole(s):
      A method of escape, especially an ambiguity or exception in a rule that can be exploited in order to avoid its effect.

    • Bug:
      An error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in the game's code that prevents it from behaving as intended.

    • Jail Time:
      Being in jail for a specified time in which you will not receive any stamina, money, and gc's.
      You are unable to do anything with your account during this time, except for mailing the admins.

    • Ban Time:
      You have no access to your account at all until (if) the ban is lifted which is up to the admins.

The Rules:
  1. You are not allowed to have more than one account in Legend Arena.
    A player may only control one account (no exceptions).

    If your best friend, or cat or dog or grandmother badly needs to play Legend Arena, they are welcome to do so under these conditions:

    A) You have to inform the admins team about it.

    B) Make sure that the accounts do not interact in any manner.
    Examples of interaction: Fighting each other, buying / selling tokens from the market from one another, logging into each other's account for banking or any other form of interaction.

    If any of the above is violated the account will be considered a multi, regardless of if that is the case or not.

  2. Covering other player's accounts.
    Make sure the player adds you as an account sitter using the options available from the account options page.

  3. Giving out Login Information
    You may not under any circumstances give out your login information. Doing so will compromise the security of the game. Giving out this type of information will result in punishment both for you and the person logging into your account.

  4. Going inactive
    If, for any reason, a player openly declares that he/she is leaving the game for the rest of the round, either in a mail to admins, or in his/her profile signature, or in a post in the External forums of Legend Arena, or in all of the above forms, Then his/her account is considered inactive for the rest of the round. These accounts cannot be covered by any other player under the regulations of point 2. and 3. of above. Of course, the player may decide to return to the game anytime during that round or any of the future betas and rounds.

    If a player decides to leave the game for the round as stated above, he/she is allowed to donate all his/her belongings to a clan of his/her choice, but should not ask anyone else do that in their place, by logging into their account.

    MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ or any other mean of communication except for the ones listed above, used for making such announcements will not be taken into consideration.

  5. Pushing account / Pushing activity.
    These involve either an account created especially for the pushing purpose, or an inactive account used by (an)other player(s), with the clear purpose to push.

    The pushing activity consists of, but it is not limited to:
    - Battling against a stronger / higher level player, equipped or not, with the clear purpose of losing to that player, thus giving him/her money in hand and experience.

    - Removing own equipment / charms in order to let others attack your account, with the up-mentioned purpose.

    - Staying inactive, then logging in only with the purpose of joining a clan and donating money and gcs, then leaving, and doing this in a repetitive manner.

    - Using inactive accounts for which you know the password, with the purpose of doing all of the above.

    In any of the above cases, the pushing account or all the accounts involved will be jailed / banned, depending on the infraction. All goods obtained like this by a player or a clan will be removed.

  6. Using different programs inside Legend Arena.
    Any use of script, auto-refreshers, auto-bankers or any other programs with a robotical behavior are forbidden in Legend Arena. Even if such features come by default in the browsers used by the players does not entitle the players to use them in order to get advantages over other players.

  7. Bugs and loopholes.
    If you find bugs or loopholes that alter game play, report them right away by sending a mail to , or to any administrator of the game. Once you know about the bug or loophole, you are not allowed to use it or tell people about it.

    If the bug or loophole is minor then please post in the forum. If you abuse a bug or a loophole for your personal or other players gain, then it will be considered cheating.

  8. Encouraging other players to break the rules in any way.
    You are not allowed to encourage other players to break the rules stated in the Games Rules. Telling other players about bugs or loopholes that you found, indicating to them ways of cheating, asking them to send you links to other games, asking them to spam in mails other players, or any other form of encouragement for breaking the rules will be punished.

    This includes, but it is not limited to doing so in: your profile, your forum signature, your battle signature, the clan front page, the clan news page, the clan forum, the external forum of LA, mails to players inside the game or PMs in the external forum etc.

  9. Threats.
    a) Threatening to hack the game, or harm it with scripts, auto-refreshers or any other programs, in mails to admins or players as well as in the external forum will be considered as an actual action and will be treated accordingly.

    b) Threatening or intimidating the administrative team when you are caught breaking the rules will not be tolerated and will be punished at the discretion of the administrative team.

  10. a) The Official Language of Legend Arena.
    The official language of Legend Arena is English. Therefore, any text used in any form of public exposure should be in English. This includes, but it is not limited to: profile signature, battle signature, Clan name, Clan description, bar chat room, shoutbox, Texas Hold'em poker chat room, polls comments, Ask a question section.

    Other language can be used in forum signature, clan forums, clan chat, but only if it is agreed by all members of a clan.

    b) Profanities and foul language.
    You are not allowed to use: profanities, foul language, references to race, gender, religion, nationality, age, education etc. in your user name, clan name, clan external page, profile, forum or battle signature as well as in mail to other players.

    If you really feel the urge of using such language though, you can do it inside your clan, but only if it is not offending other members of the clan. If they will ask you to stop, please do so. Also, if an admin asks you remove any such language from the above mentioned places, please do so in the next 24 hours.

    If you feel offended by profanities or foul language used by other players in the above mentioned places, please mail an admin, indicating the name of the player and the place where you found the reference.

  11. Advertising other games.
    Do not advertise other games by sending mails containing links, or names of games, or trying to recruit the players of Legend Arena for other games. Also, do not post any of the above in your profile signature, battle signature, or your clan front page. Any such attempt will result in a minimum 5 days jailing time.

    Note: You may discuss other games that you play inside your clan's forum if you wish so, and with the agreement of the other members.

  12. Donator status
    The donator status will not put any player above the rules. If a donator broke any of the above rules, or his/her activity can be considered as cheating in any form, then he/she will be treated as any other non-donating player.

  13. Arguing - Jailing, banning, etc
    Discussing the reasons for a jail-punishment or a ban-punishment regarding: time, reason, legitimacy, (etc), in the public forum (game forums, clan forums, game chat, facebook, etc) will result in harsher punishment and likely a ban.

    Discussing someone's jail reason, time, legitimacy (etc) in the public forum (game forums, clan forums, game chat, facebook, etc) or directly with an admin will result in the same punishment being bestowed on you, as the original offender.

    Players may only dispute their punishment directly with the admins.

  14. Arguing - Admin
    You may not argue with an admin.
For the breaking of any of the above rules, punishment will range between warnings, jailings and bannings, depending on the infraction.
If a player has been banned, it is for the rest of the round.
A jailed / banned player should not create a new account on the duration of the punishment, as this would be considered a complete disregard of the rules, and will lead to permanent ban from the game.
Earnings gained while breaking the rules will be removed.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to write the in-game helpers or admins.

And please remember, if it appears to be cheating it will be dealt with as cheating.
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