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Terms of service

Legend Arena is a free browser based web game taken care of during spare time, as a hobby and without any profit in mind. As such, Legend Arena is not obliged to uphold any player oriented services, neither is it obliged to take any responsibilities for actions by members of staff or by other players. Legend Arena has the right to terminate or suspend your account for any period of time, for any reason. The terms of service, game rules and privacy policy may change at any time without prior notice, the responsibility to check new version releases for changes in the terms of service, game rules and privacy policy lies solely with you. Legend Arena is not obliged to notify you of any changes in the terms of service, game rules and privacy policy.

Session Cookies

This website use session cookies. These store a string of unique numbers on your hard drive which allow the websites to identify you as a member of Legendarena or to otherwise monitor your activity within this website. Cookies does not store any personal data, just a unique number that identifies you to us. This to help us see that you as a player follow the rules and to help you as a user when we run into unexpected problems. You canít enter this website without cookies enabled. If you want more information on how to remove your sessionís cookies please visit this site

Privacy policy

All information you supply will be stored by Legendarena in its database and certain information may be aggregated with other information to enable us to understand more about the profiles of the users in order to help improve the website. All your game activity may be recorded, stored and processed in various ways for various purposes. By becoming a member of Legendarena you consent to receiving, from us, by e-mail, information used for game purposes (verificationcode etc). Legendarena will not share your personal information with third-party companies or organizations unless your consent has been given first (except for legal issues).

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